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Put your hands in our hands

Do you have pain, clicking, numbness or tingling in your hands?
Have you noticed any signs of hand lumps, swellings or muscle wasting?

If you answered yes - see below for some common hand conditions.

Common symptoms include pins and needles, numbness and tingling in the fingers waking you from sleep.

Signs of finger locking and clicking in the fingers and thumb.

A thickening of skin in the palm and fingers are experienced, along with a fixed bending of the fingers meaning hands cannot be placed comfortably flat on a table.

Signs include a general dull ache around the thumb base, which may mean sufferers struggle to open tight jars. The thumb position may change.

If you detect any signs or symptoms of a hand condition, let the Midland Hand Clinic help you to reach the correct diagnosis and receive the right treatment.
More and more people are choosing to pay for their treatment and find costs are often less than they had anticipated.

Online consultations are available as well as face to face appointments, if you would like to be seen but would prefer not to attend a hospital setting.


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