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Tennis and golfers elbow surgery

Tennis and golfers elbow surgery is a procedure designed to relieve pain caused by inflammation of the tendons in the elbow.


The goal of the surgery is to reduce and/or eliminate the inflammation so that the patient can resume their normal activities.

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What happens during tennis and golfers elbow surgery?

Surgery may involve releasing the tendon from the bone, removing damaged tissue, or reattaching the tendon to the bone.

What is recovery from tennis and golfers elbow surgery like?

The wound should be kept clean and dry for two weeks in a soft bandage.

Early use of the fingers and elbow are encouraged but heavy manual labour should be avoided until the wound has fully healed and the hand strength has returned.

Once the wound has healed massage the scar with E45/Nivea cream or similar

Recovery times vary, but patients can expect to return to full activity within 6 weeks.


The success rate of tennis elbow surgery is typically very high, with most patients reporting a significant reduction in pain and improved elbow function.

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