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Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan

Diploma, FRCS, MRCS, MBBS, BSc
Consultant Hand Surgeon

Mr Shyamalan is the founder and lead surgeon of Midland Hand Clinic.


He is a dedicated Hand Surgeon working and training others at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, seeing complex hand, wrist and elbow problems at Solihull and Good Hope Hospital.


He also performs general orthopaedic trauma surgery at Heartlands Hospital, sub-specialising in complex upper limb injuries such as fractures around the hand, wrist, forearm and elbow.

His expertise are in hand and wrist arthritis including wrist keyhole work. He specialises in soft tissue contractures such as Dupuytren’s disease with an interest in tendon problems, nerve compression and children’s upper limb problems.

Mr Shyamalan’s aim is to offer individualised, multi-disciplinary service in the management of hand and wrist conditions.

He works with hand therapists and gives due consideration to both surgical and non-surgical options.

Mr Shyamalan Consultant Hand Surgeon

Professional profile

Training and Qualifications





FRCS Orth 


Hand Diploma


Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, Royal Free Hospital 1999

Certified membership of The Royal College of Surgeons

Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, Trauma & Orthopaedics Joint.

Post graduate british hand diploma,  Manchester University and Royal College of Surgeons England

Meet the Team

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals is committed to providing the highest quality of care that is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.


We strive to keep up with the latest medical advancements and technology while providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

Pam Midland Hand Clinic secretary.jpg

Pam Dziubany



Pam is Mr Shyamalan’s private secretary for Midland Hand Clinic patients.

Kate neal hand occupational therapist.jpg

Kate Neil


Occupational Therapist

BSc (hons)

Kate is an experienced Occupational Therapist, with experience in trauma and orthopaedics, burns and plastic, hand trauma, neurology and rheumatology.


She has worked both for the private sector and the NHS, as well as providing an independent occupational therapy service on a consultancy basis providing hand rehabilitation reports for insurance companies.

Kate understands the smallest of things can make a dramatic difference to a persons life. A gadget or a splint can enable someone to play the guitar or ease the pain of day to day activities.

Kate’s aim as an Occupational therapist is to consider the “whole” person and base the treatment accordingly, working closely with Surgeons and Physiotherapists.

susannah lundie hand physiotherapist.jpg

Susannah Lundie


BSc (hons), BA, DipHE 

Susannah has over 16 years experience as a physiotherapist working in both the NHS and Private sectors.


She has specialist experience in both orthopaedics and respiratory. 


Susannah is currently the hand specialist working at Spire Little Aston and carries out assessments and formulates individual treatment plans including advice, therapy and splinting.

Dr Sethu Veerabadran.jpg

Dr Sethu Veerabadran

Consultant Anaesthetist


Dr Veerabadran trained in anaesthesia and critical care medicine in the northwest of england and has advanced training and a diplomate in regional anaesthesia, gaining expertise in ultrasound guided nerve blocks.

Jane wood hand physiotherapist.jpg

Jane Wood


BSc (hons)

Jane has over twenty years experience in the treatment of muskulo-skeletal out-patients.


She has a specialist interest in exercise rehabilitation including hydrotherapy, pilates and swiss ball.


Jane assesses and treats patients with vestibular problems and has experience in treating hand conditions and making splints.

Dr abir doger

Dr Abir Doger

Consultant in Anaesthetics and Pain Management


Dr Doger is proficient in all aspects of back & neck pain management.


He routinely performs epidural injections, nerve root blocks, cervical/thoracic/lumbar facet joint injections and medial branch blocks.


He also performs Sacroiliac joint injections, trochanteric bursa, Occipital nerve & trigger point injections.

Untitled design.png

Pippa Handford

Business Development

Pippa is responsible for the brand development of Midland Hand Clinic including organising patient events and liaising with GP's.

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Alison & Paul

Secretary & administration

Alison works alongside Pam as secretary for Mr Shyamalan, as well as looking after billing and invoicing with Paul.

At Midland Hand Clinic, we strive to provide the highest quality of care for our patients.


Our team is dedicated to providing personalised and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each individual’s particular needs.


We have a wide range of services that cover all aspects of hand and wrist health, from diagnosis and treatment to rehabilitation.


Our specialists are highly qualified and experienced in all areas of hand care, and we are committed to providing the best quality of care.


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