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Thorn Removal And Help With Infection

Our patient had been in pain for 2 months with a thorn in his thumb. After two courses of antibiotics he was still in pain, especially at night.

He’d seen a NHS team and was awaiting a scan and then possible surgery 6 weeks later.

After much thought he phoned as a self-funding patient and asked for help. He saw Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan (Shyam) our hand, wrist and elbow specialist four hours later.

Mr Shyam operated on the thumb that day and removed the painful thorn and washed out the infection. Our patient was delighted and could sleep comfortably that night.

“After some thought I’m so happy I’d gone to the Midland Hand Clinic at Spire Parkway and delighted at Mr Shyamalan’s confident diagnosis and treatment. The Team fills me with confidence and I’d recommend them to anyone.”

Carpal Tunnel Surgery - Travelled For An Excellent Outcome

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I was suffering with pins and needles, numbness and pain in the night that awoke me from my sleep. Injections from my GP weren’t working and I was told I had Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Reading the testimonials online gave me a high degree of confidence so I decided to travel. It was quick and easy to gain an appointment at a suitable time. Excellent communication and a professional organisation. They tried to fit in to my every need. It was also very cost effective.

Excellent outcome. So much I sought out Mr Shyamalan from the Midland Hand Clinic when I had problems with my other hand.

Any hand or wrist problem for an expert opinion I’d certainly trust the Midland Hand Clinic.

Make a short journey to see Mr Shyamalan even if you’re out of the area. Having successful surgery for carpal tunnel was my only goal and that’s what they provided for me.

Thank you Mr D.G. 4th November 2019

Gunaratnam Shyamalan is the best surgeon I have ever come across in my lifetime

Scaphoid Fracture

I fractured my scaphoid bone 20 years ago playing football where it had developed AVN (Avascular Necrosis) causing the bone to die and loose its blood supply. After 20 years of pain/suffering and been seen by many orthopaedic surgeons with no clear answer of fixing the scaphoid itself besides salvage option (wrist fusion) which is a procedure for really serious damage to wrist and can outweigh the benefit of the surgery. After trying many years searching for a solution and contacting surgeons all with a similar answer wrist fusion or live with the pain. I finally decided to live with the pain until my everyday simple tasks were starting to become more painful and wrist was weakening. I decided to go private where an orthopaedic surgeon referred me to Gunaratnam, he advised me he was a specialist in scaphoid fractures as Gunaratnam fractured his scaphoid playing Rugby and that’s where his passion started for research in scaphoid. After seeing Gunaratnam I was so impressed with his friendly attitude and his confidence to fix my wrist he made me feel at ease as if it was not a big issue to fix I even found it too good to be true. However, he explained the procedure which gave me confidence to go ahead with the surgery. The surgery itself wasn’t invasive and was done through key hole surgery without cutting and making scars on my wrist and leaving metal plates in my wrist. Couple of months after you could not tell I had surgery as the cuts were very small. The results of the surgery were also a success with a 20-year-old fracture finally healed. Gunaratnam did explain to me my wrist would not be perfect due to it being a 20 year old fracture which was more than understandable. One year on my wrist has massively improved with very less pain and strength improvement where I am able to do hard work without pain limiting the amount of work I can do. I am ever so grateful that there are surgeons like Gunaratnam that do not shy away from a challenge and are willing to attempt some of the most complex hand issues and surgeries giving back lively hood to many people. I would totally recommend Gunaratnam for a scaphoid fracture as he is an expert in this area and this particular bone, the only thing I regret is I wish I came across him earlier.

I Can Play My Violin Again

Hand Surgery

I am a violinist and was unable to play for several months.
With the excellent treatment I received from Mr Shyamalan. I am now fully recovered and able to play again. Thank you

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Thumb Arthritis - A Happy Patient

Trapeziumectomy For Base of Thumb Arthritis

Mr Shyamalan. I heard only wonderful things about you before the operation you performed on my hand recently. I too have nothing but praise for you.
A wonderful Doctor and I am truly grateful for everything. I wish you all the very best. My hand is mended thanks to you.

Wrist Arthritis Procedure At Spire Parkway

Re-attach Tendons Worn Away Due To Wrist Arthritis

Following surgery to reattach tendons that were worn away due to wrist arthritis, June is now able to grab back the many day-to-day skills that most people take for granted, thanks to Consultant Hand Surgeon, Mr Shyamalan. Read more: http://ms.spr.ly/6015T3L8U

Quick Turnaround For Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I had carpal tunnel surgery and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The surgery was fast. Really friendly staff and surgeon. Healed very well. With minimal pain. A completely different experience to the right hand that I had done previously (different place)

Finger Surgery - No Visible Scar

Finger Surgery

Delighted with the results of my finger operation. No visible scar.
Excellent patient care from start to finish. Thank you!

Carpal Tunnel Surgery - Verified Patient - Doctify. 5 Stars

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I had carpal tunnel surgery and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. The surgery was fast. Really friendly staff and surgeon. Healed very well. With minimal pain. A completely different experience to the right hand that I had done previously (different place)
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Basal Thumb Joints Verified Patient - I Want Great Care. 5 Stars

Basal Thumb Joints

Mr Shyamalan replaced both of my basal thumb joints on separate occasions. Quiet spoken, caring and professional surgeon who explained everything before I signed the consent form. Wonderful results both times. Read more testimonials from I Want Great Care

Hand Surgery - I Want Great Care - 5 Stars

Hand Surgery

Excellent experience. No one likes operations of any kind, but Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan immediately puts you at ease. From step one, the first consultation, followed by the appointment booking for the operation in conjunction with the doctor and his secretary. The personal touch is always appreciated. Mr Shyamalan kept in touch throughout the process, even after having the stitches out he advised me to contact him direct if I had any problems or queries. Altogether a pleasant experience from start to finish.