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How prevalent is Dupuytren's contracture in the UK?

Dupuytren's disease, also known as Dupuytren's contracture, is a condition that affects the connective tissue in the hand, causing the fingers to bend inwards towards the palm.

The condition is most commonly found in individuals of Northern European descent and is believed to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Prevalence of Dupuytren's contracture in the UK

There are several theories as to why Dupuytren's contracture occurs, including inflammation, changes in the cells that produce collagen, and genetic predisposition.

However, the most widely accepted theory is that the condition is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Studies have shown that Dupuytren's contracture tends to run in families, suggesting that genetic factors may play a role in the development of the condition.

Environmental factors that may increase the risk of developing Dupuytren's contracture include heavy manual labour, smoking, and alcohol consumption. It is thought that these factors may contribute to the development of the condition by causing damage to the tissues in the hand, which can lead to the thickening and contracting of the tissue.


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