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How long does cubital tunnel syndrome last for?

The ulnar nerve runs along your arm down to your hand and when it becomes blocked it causes cubital tunnel syndrome.

What are the symptoms of cubital tunnel syndrome?

- Tingling or pins and needles in your little and ring finger
- You feel your hand is weak with sharp shooting pains coming up the arm

What investigations or tests would I need to diagnose cubital tunnel syndrome?

Nerve testing is used to diagnose cubital tunnel so we can see where in the nerve the blockage is.

What is the treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome?

- Simple mobilisation exercises of the neck and wrist may help symptoms improve
- Nerve release surgery

How long does cubital tunnel syndrome last for?

You may benefit from mobilisation exercises within a few weeks of starting them.

However, if your nerve is badly compressed and surgery is recommended then it may take a few months to fully recover.


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