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Hand Health Check

Our hands are so important to us, yet like many other areas of health and wellbeing we take them for granted and probably don’t look after them as much as we could.

There are many things we can do to ensure we keep our hands in the best of health.

Avoid static or repetitive activities

When you stay in one position for a long time some muscles overwork pulling the joint out of alignment. This leads to more pain and damage to the joint. Take regular rests when performing repetitive activities.

Avoid prolonged periods of activity

Try to begin to become aware of the warning signs you feel that your joints are becoming fatigued or strained and stop before you reach this point in the future.

Avoid activities that require prolonged gripping

Tight small grips place increased strain through the joints which will increase your pain and can further damage your joints. It is better to avoid it. There are many ways to reduce small or prolonged gripping. E.g. use thick or padded pens for writing, rest books on a table or book rest and use easy grip cutlery and utensils.

Balance of rest and activity

It is important to balance your rest and activity to allow your joints time to rest and repair. Try to stop before you feel tired or are in pain and avoid activities that you can’t stop when you need to. Try to plan ahead and keep a diary allowing rest and activity periods.


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