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Hand and wrist pain at night

Hand and wrist pain can be caused by many conditions such as dupuytren's disease, trigger finger or arthritis to name a few.

However, carpal tunnel syndrome can often cause you difficulty sleeping.

What causes hand and wrist pain at night?

As mentioned above, carpal tunnel syndrome often cause pins and needles and discomfort at night which can disturb your sleep.

Other symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are loosing sensation in your fingers, radiating pain, and weakness in the fingers.

Carpal tunnel is when pressure on a nerve in your wrist causes pain and numbness in your hand and fingers.

The symptoms may worsen during the night because we aren't moving as much and because of that there is increased fluid in the body which puts further pressure on the nerve in your wrist.

Anti-inflammatories may help to reduce the pressure and minimise symptoms, as well as trying to alter your sleeping position as sleeping on your front or side may put more pressure on your wrist.

However, these may only reduce pain temporarily and you may benefit further from steroid injections or carpal release surgery (carpal tunnel decompression).
Watch our video on carpal tunnel syndrome.


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