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All about Arthritis

What are the symptoms?

You may experience pain in your thumb which may become more painful over time and is interfering with your day to day activities such as opening a jar.

The base of the thumb may also be painful when trying to meet your little finger.

What tests will be needed?

A simple x-ray should be sufficient, however if the picture isn’t clear sometimes ultrasound or MRI may be required.

What treatment is available?

Arthritis is a condition that can be better in summer, and worsen in winter. It can also worsen after certain activities. Simple painkillers and avoidance of triggering activities should help initially.

Although not evidence-based, having fish oils can help for their natural anti-inflammatory properties.

If the pain is particularly bad steroid injections can help and if that hasn’t helped and pain has progressed then Trapeziectomy surgery can be performed, where the arthritic trapezium bone is removed and a small sponge space filler is put in its place. Alternatively, we can offer joint replacement.

All procedures will be discussed with you to see which one is appropriate for you.


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