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Are tennis elbow and bursitis the same thing?

Tennis elbow and bursitis are two relatively common conditions that involve inflammation of the soft tissue around muscles and bones.

However, they are different conditions that come with different treatment options, as discussed below:

What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a condition that causes pain around the outside of the elbow, usually caused by repetitive movements.

What are the symptoms of tennis elbow?

- Pain on the outside of the elbow
- Difficulty lifting objects
- Difficulty twisting objects
- Trouble extending your fingers

How is tennis elbow treated?

- Avoid the activity that aggravates the elbow and to take anti-inflammatory medicine
- Steroid injections to reduce inflammation.
- Platelet rich plasma blood therapy where your own blood which is removed from your arm and injected around the tendon so there is a concentration of platelets which accelerate the healing process
- Surgery to remove the damaged tendon

What is elbow bursitis?

Bursitis is when the fluid-filled bura sacs that cushion your joints become inflamed, usually caused by overuse.

What are the symptoms of bursitis?

- Painful elbow
- The elbow is tender
- Swollen elbow
- Increased pain when you moving or pressing on your elbow

What is the treatment for elbow bursitis?

- Antibiotics may be recommended to treat the infection
- A steroid injection may be administered to reduce the swelling
- The bursa can be surgically drained if the inflammation is particularly bad


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