Scaphoid Fracture: 20 years of pain fixed

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I fractured my scaphoid bone 20 years ago playing football where it had developed AVN (Avascular Necrosis) causing the bone to die and loose its blood supply. After 20 years of pain and suffering and being seen by many orthopaedic surgeons with no clear answer of fixing the scaphoid itself I had given up and decided I would have to live with the pain.

However, my everyday simple tasks were becoming more and more painful and my wrist was significantly weakening, which led me to go private. I was referred to Mr Shyamalan (Shyam), a specialist in scaphoid fractures and learnt that Shyalm actually fractured his scaphoid playing Rugby which ignited his passion orthopaedic hand and wrist surgery.

After seeing Shyam, I was so impressed with his friendly attitude and his confidence to fix my wrist, I felt at ease and confident he could get me back to enjoying everyday things without suffering.

The surgery itself wasn’t invasive and was done through key hole surgery, without cutting and leaving scars on my wrist. Shyam was transparant and open with me and explained my wrist would not be perfect due to it being a 20 year old fracture, which was more than understandable.

One year on my wrist has massively improved with considerably less pain and an improvement in strength. I am able to do hard work without pain limiting the amount of work I can do.

I am ever so grateful that there are surgeons like Shyam that do not shy away from a challenge and are willing to attempt some of the most complex hand issues and surgeries giving back livelyhood to many people. I would totally recommend Mr Shyamalan for a scaphoid fracture as he is an expert in this area and this particular bone, the only thing I regret is I wish I came across him earlier.

How do I see My Shyamalan for consultation?

You can book either a face to face or virtual consultation with Mr Shyamalan by contacting his secretary Pam here.

Appointments are available via private medical insurance or paying for yourself. Mr Shyamalan charges £195 for an initial consultation and sees patients at Spire Little Aston, Spire Parkway, Spire South Bank, Nuffield Warwickshire and Sutton Medical Consulting Centre.