Osteoarthritis: Mr Shyamalan makes life bearable again

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I suffer with Osteoarthritis and in 2003 l had both thumb joints replaced. In 2016 the right thumb joint had broken down and knowing this was going to be no normal procedure, l looked for a hand specialist on the internet and found Mr Shyamalan on the Spire Healthcare website. He had a glowing reference for his expertise in hand surgery so I contacted him and immediately made an appointment. 

Luckily l have private insurance but he does do NHS too, he was very positive with what he could do for my thumb, actually making a joint to suit as it was no normal operation. All went very well and l had my normal life back in no time. 

Unfortunately this year my AXA insurance changed slightly with a few less doctors on the list but l actually checked that Mr Shyamalan was on that list. Thank goodness l did, as out of the blue about 6 weeks ago l developed trigger thumb on my right hand.

Mr Shyamalan remembered me, which l must admit surprised me with all the patients he sees, but he is such a caring man l shouldn't really have thought that. He arranged for me to have the operation right away as a day patient in Sutton Coldfield Medical Centre because of the Covid 19 problems. He operated about 4 weeks ago, l didn't have to have a general anaesthetic therefore it was done really quickly.

All his team including nurses, and l must include his secretary Pam who is amazing too, were all lovely and put me at ease throughout it all. My thumb is already back to normal and you can't even see the scars from either operation. I cannot thank Mr Shyamalan enough for what he has done for me, osteoarthritis is not a pleasant thing to have, and its nice to know there are Specialists out there such as Mr Shyamalan that try their best to make life more bearable for sufferers of this awful condition.

How do I see My Shyamalan for consultation?

You can book either a face to face or virtual consultation with Mr Shyamalan by contacting his secretary Pam here.

Appointments are available via private medical insurance or paying for yourself. Mr Shyamalan charges £195 for an initial consultation and sees patients at Spire Little Aston, Spire Parkway, Spire South Bank, Nuffield Warwickshire and Sutton Medical Consulting Centre.