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Motorcycle paramedic John Brown has been passionate about motorcycles from an early age.  His father was a bike enthusiast and John was the proud owner of his first bike by the age of 16.  “My father loved his bikes! I grew up surrounded by them so I guess it was inevitable that biking would become such a big part of my life” explained John.

John has had a very successful career in the emergency services, starting with the fire service before training to become a motorcycle paramedic.  John described that part of his career as a ‘dream come true’!  “To be riding my bike daily for work and helping people was amazing!” said John.

13 years ago when on duty as a paramedic, John was involved in a serious accident which resulted in him losing his leg.  However, this didn’t stop him getting back on his bike at the earliest opportunity.

Earlier this year, John started developing symptoms in his hand. “It began with tingling and loss of feeling in my fingers but it got so bad that I couldn’t even hold my knife and fork when eating. It also affected my riding as I couldn’t turn the throttle. My bike is my main mode of transport, I use it every day and it was frustrating that it was becoming so difficult” explained John.

A family member recommended John should speak with hand and wrist specialist Mr Shyamalan to seek treatment.  John described his experience “We were in the middle of a global pandemic so I was unsure what was possible.  However, Mr Shyamalan conducted a video consultation and diagnosed carpal tunnel.  The following week I had my surgery and within 48 hours I had regained the use and feeling in my hand and the pain had gone. Mr Shyamalan and his team were great and I was reassured by all the measures in place to keep me safe.”

Six weeks after his hand surgery, when the travel restrictions had been lifted, John was able to enjoy a 4000 mile bike tour around Europe.  John is really happy with the results of his treatment and he is busy planning his next biking adventure.

How do I see My Shyamalan for consultation?

You can book either a face to face or virtual consultation with Mr Shyamalan by contacting his secretary Pam here.

Appointments are available via private medical insurance or paying for yourself. Mr Shyamalan charges £195 for an initial consultation and sees patients at Spire Little Aston, Spire Parkway, Spire South Bank, Nuffield Warwickshire and Sutton Medical Consulting Centre.