Dupuytren’s Disease

This benign disease of the hand and digit causing your finger to bend down towards the palm was first popularised by Barron Dupuytren a French anatomist and military surgeons.

It does tend to occur in males and has a strong genetic predisposition of those of Scandinavian or Northern European descent.

If you keep poking your eye or having trouble getting your fingers in your gloves or pockets, our minimally invasive treatment options with injections, have a proven record of rapid rehabilitation and early return to work, with high patient satisfaction.

Xiapex injection is the first and only EU-approved nonsurgical treatment option proven in clinical studies to work in adults with Dupuytren’s contracture when a cord can be felt. In two studies, Xiapex helped many people with Dupuytren’s contracture achieve straight or nearly straight fingers and improve their range of motion in the affected finger.

For further information including side effects please visit xiapex.eu.

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