Should avocados carry a hand health warning?

Avocados are a healthy fruit containing 20 vitamins and minerals but they’re also a ‘health risk’ if you don’t cut the avocado with care.

‘Avocado Hand’ is fast becoming a term used by Consultant Hand Surgeons including Shyamalan who holds a clinic at the ‘Midland Hand Clinic’.

The injuries range from minor cuts to more serious hand injuries. There have been may victims including Meryl Streep.

“We’ve seen an increase in injuries from patients attempting to cut the stone out of the avocado.

I tend to cut half way and then spoon out the flesh” explains Shyamalan

If you are unlucky enough to sustain an injury. Please call  07815 460786 or 01827 892952 to make an appointment.

“The unfortunate thing is (adds Shyamalan)…the healthiest part is the dark green section near to the skin and not the flesh by the stone”

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