Hand Exercises For Arthritis And Tired Hands

Hand Exercises – Do you suffer with hand pain because of tired, overworked hands or arthritis?

Exercises can help if you have hand pain. You need to stretch your hands if you use them frequently.

Here are a few recommended exercises from Hand, Wrist, Forearm & Elbow Consultant Surgeon Mr Gunaratnam Shyamalan (Shyam) – an expert in nerve problems, wrist key hole and minimal treatment of Dupuytren’s disease (xiapex).

Exercise 1

Hand and finger exercises can help strengthen your hands and fingers, increase your range of motion, and give you pain relief. Stretch only until you feel tightness. You shouldn’t feel pain. Start with this simple stretch:

  • Make a gentle fist, wrapping your thumb across your fingers.
  • Hold for 30 to 60 seconds. Release and spread your fingers wide.
  • Repeat with both hands at least four times.

Exercise 2

Keep your wrist and the base joints straight, and bend your middle and end joints of your fingers toward your palm, one at a time. Hold each position for five seconds. Repeat on all 10 fingers twice a day.

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