If you are looking for an elbow consultant then our clinic is the perfect place for you, as we specialise in a wide range of elbow conditions and treatments, including Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow, which occurs when elbow tendons coalesce on either side of the elbow joint, to insert into bone. These tendons can be injured by trauma or overuse.

Failure to diagnose the condition early may lead to restricted use and chronic pain.

In terms of treatment for Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow, the patient can be awake or asleep (anaesthetised) for the procedure and this would be conducted in Day Surgery. A tourniquet (band around the arm stopping bleeding) is applied for the surgery, and the tendon is explored and the damaged section is removed. The wound should be kept clean and dry for two weeks in a soft bandage.

Early use of the fingers and elbow are encouraged but heavy manual labour should be avoided until the wound has fully healed and the hand strength has returned. Once the wound has healed, massage the scar with E45/Nivea cream or similar.

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