Arm-wrestling Competition Goes Wrong. Shyam Snaps Up The Challenge!

Great friends, a few drinks and a party – what could possibly go wrong?

Well, for 52-year-old Jason May it was when someone decided to start an arm-wrestling competition!

Unfortunately Jason’s impromptu arm-to-arm combat ended when he snapped the tendon that connected his bicep to his lower arm!

“We were all having a laugh and I agreed to have a go at arm wrestling. A couple of days later my arm was quite sore and my bicep looked out of shape when I tensed it so I thought I’d best get someone to take a look,” he said.

Jason, a director of a local recycling company, met with Consultant Hand Surgeon Orthopaedic Consultant Gunaratnam Shyamalan at Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull, who told him there was a way to reconnect the tendon and get his arm working normally again.

Mr Shyamalan explained: “I use a device called an Endobutton. The damaged tendon snaps like an elastic band and recoils towards the shoulder.

“You find the end of the tendon in the arm and trim it. You then  find the area of bone it pulled out from and drill a hole into the bone.

“The damaged tendon is then stitched and attached to an Endobutton which is passed through the hole to act as an anchor which prevents the tendon being pulled out.

“Finally you screw the tendon to the bone to create a solid ‘belt and braces’ fixation.

“This sort of injury typically occurs in middle-aged men who sustain a sudden force to a flexed arm – which is exactly what happened in Jason’s case. However, I am very confident that, with good physiotherapy, he will get his arm back to full strength and within months won’t even notice the difference.”

As for Jason, the pain disappeared after about a week and he is already back to lifting light weights as he looks forward to a ‘full recovery’.

He said: “The injury didn’t spoil the party and I don’t plan to let it spoil anything else. Mr Shyam has done a great job and so it is now up to me to make sure the end result is as good as it can possibly be.”

However, he has promised that the next time an arm wrestling contest is suggested he’s going to keep his sleeves buttoned down and his hands in his pockets!


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